Hardwood. A flooring natural.

Hardwood has a character that really shines through ... and there's a hardwood for every look — from smooth, glossy traditional strips to wide, weathered planks.

A beautiful hardwood floor is an investment that will do more to define your Maine home’s style than any other single element. Take the time to find the right floor and you’ll be rewarded for years to come. Styles in flooring may change but the beauty of hardwood is forever.

Why choose hardwood?

The flooring that's beautiful by nature.

Hardwood's beauty and character grow on you. Today's offerings are milled and finished using techniques that result in much lower maintenance than in years past. So you get the character you want for your home in flooring that's designed to stay looking great for years.


Hardwood is a natural.

The natural grains, knots and imperfections of hardwood are true to nature and lend your home a warm, authentic flavor that will impress you for years. Fill your home with character as you prepare to fill it with memories.

Versatile hardwood.

Hardwood sets an indelible tone throughout the home that is time-honored and true. From the warm, pale tones of Southern yellow Pine to the deep, dark chocolate of Black Walnut, there are many species of hardwood to choose from. One of them is sure to resonate with you.

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