The Extensive Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

At Higgins Carpet One Home & Floor, it’s no secret—vinyl flooring is making a comeback. Traditionally, vinyl floors were known for their practicality, longevity or durability. For budget-minded folks, it was an inexpensive solution to meet the many flooring needs throughout their homes. Though all of those reasons still hold, the main reason vinyl floors are making such a big splash are the creative designs that modern vinyl flooring offers. Gone are the days of the dated, plastic-looking linoleum that once adorned kitchens, basements, and bathrooms. Modern vinyl flooring offers a wide variety of colors, styles, and patterns near indistinguishable from tiles and wood, and can work in any room in your house or business. There are many benefits of vinyl flooring, whether it be implemented in your home or in modern commercial flooring.
closeup hardwood floor

Vinyl Trends

These days, vinyl floors are trendy and trending with many new innovative looks. When you visit a showroom, expect to see vinyl with the same look as traditional tile, marble, brick and more. One design where vinyl flooring shines is the look of real wood. Once unheard of, realistic wood-look vinyl flooring mimics current wood, along with a few vinyl-specific trends as well. Wood-look vinyl is just as realistic as wood-look laminate (and wood itself), but with even less maintenance and even more versatility. It has become increasingly popular for commercial use in business offices, apartment buildings, and even your local grocery store. It’s also becoming a popular choice in many homes.

Another trend in modern vinyl flooring is stone-look vinyl. Just like wood-look, it creates the appearance of beautiful, timeless natural stone without paying a small fortune.

Go one step further with luxury vinyl planks. In the past, vinyl was primarily used for commercial applications (like businesses) due to its durability and ease of maintenance. Luxury vinyl planks feature a protective wear layer that works like a bodyguard to keep your floor safe from all the elements. It too is available in many styles and designs.

Why Vinyl?

Today’s vinyl flooring is very stylish and offers an extensive range of patterns and designs that will work in any room in your house. There are other reasons to consider vinyl flooring, some that we’re all familiar with. Vinyl is very easy to maintain. Because it is impervious to spills and humidity that can wreak havoc on other types of floors, it’s always been ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mud rooms. Anywhere that moisture, muck, or dirt is at play, think how remarkably easy it is to clean vinyl.

Durability and longevity are other reasons that make vinyl attractive. Over time it holds its pattern and color well, and will still look as good as the day you bought it. Because vinyl is performance rated you’ll know exactly how long it will hold up to the wear and tear of any room.

Vinyl flooring feels comfortable on your bare feet, also. Unlike stone, it doesn’t become too hot in sunny rooms or too cold like tile on chilly winter mornings. The surface maintains a more even temperature underfoot.

Vinyl is flexible and affordable, too. Easily installed over any type of sub-floor on every level of a home, Higgins will do a speedy, efficient installation. The ease with which it can be cleaned makes it a perfect choice to maintain over the years.

Vinyl Flooring Near Me?

Our staff at Higgins Carpet One Home & Floor has an average of 30 years experience in the carpet and flooring business and can assist you in choosing the best floor option for your home. In addition, to ensure you get want you want, you’ll work with a single contact throughout the entire installation project. All the measuring, estimates, ordering and scheduling will be streamlined to meet your needs through one person. For the best vinyl flooring Portland has to offer, contact us today to request a free measure!