Outdoor Flooring for 2019

Homeowners looking to expand their living space outdoors can be faced with many challenges and as many questions. What kind of outdoor flooring is best suited for your property? How to design your outdoor space? To prepare it for the seasons? Homeowners will find all their questions concerning outdoor flooring in Portland, Maine answered at Higgins Carpet One Floor and Home. Deciding how to use that space can be as much fun as using it. Whether your outdoor space is large or limited, with a little creativity, you can take advantage of it and turn it into a personal oasis to dine, drink, relax, or entertain.

Over the years, converting the backyard into an outdoor living space has grown in popularity. Where once, a sunroom or front porch may have served for outdoor gatherings with family and friends or the setting for more formal social events, today, decks and patios have become the center of outdoor family activities. They offer a versatile solution for underutilized space and privacy from street traffic.flooring portland maine

Decks and patios offer a versatile, multi-functional outdoor space that works for just about any occasion. They are an ideal place for family functions, social gatherings, and can also serve as an investment. Studies have shown that decks and patios are home improvement projects that realize a return-on-investment (ROI) for homeowners if or when the property is sold.

As an outdoor space, decks are elevated. How high depends on the pitch of the backyard and the location of the backdoor. The higher the better, for decks are elevated to catch a breeze, to sit and relax anytime throughout the day. Decks also provide a level surface for outdoor furnishings such as chairs, a table, and the grill.

With regard to appearance, composite and traditional wood decking will give your outdoor flooring a rustic, homey or cozy feel. Wood is always in style, too (composite or traditional), and can transform any outdoor space into a comfortable living environment.

Composite Decks

Composite deck flooring brings realistic wood looks without any of the hassle. Its benefits include low maintenance, no resanding or refinishing, doesn’t rot, its fire resistant, stain resistant (think coffee or wine spills), and long-lasting. It is, however, in general, more expensive than wood, and if improperly installed, may warp in time.

Wood Decks

Wood decks are often favored for their more natural look and feel. Whether going for a modern or rustic design, wood fits the bill. Wood does not retain heat like composites, and the cost upfront is generally less than composite decking. However, wood needs annual maintenance, too, sealing treatments to prevent wood rot and termites.


Patios are another option homeowners have pursued to convert their backyards into a more functional outdoor living space. Whether using classic, natural stones or porcelain exterior tiles, you can design a space around a manicured lawn, flower beds, shrubbery, trees and-or around a fire pit. Stones or porcelain exterior tiles come in many styles, are aesthetically pleasing, and are exceptionally durable.

Some of the prime benefits of using stone, and especially stone-look tiles for your patio, is the lower costs than those associated with decks. Tiles are, in general, far less per square foot than composite or traditional wood. However, if you’re heart is set on wood, porcelain tiles are offered in a realistic wood, too. Stones and tiles are also low maintenance and easy to clean—a sweep and mop, and you’re good to go. Stone or tile patios are great for entertaining guests or a quiet evening around the fire pit. Slipping hazards and the elements are the only real limitations for using stone or stone-look tiles as flooring outside. Ask the experts at Higgins which natural stone or exterior tile is best suited to stand up to the many seasons Maine homeowners experience.

Deck and Patio Maintenance

Finally, deck and patio maintenance is important. A small investment of time before the cold, snowy, wet, weather hits can make all the difference in how long your deck or patio will last and look good. Visit Higgins for advice and planning on ways to preserve and maintain your deck or patio for when the warm weather returns.

If you are looking to expand your living space, add new features and dynamics to your home, or increase the value of your property, decks and patios offer the perfect solution for homeowners. Most importantly, homeowners can enjoy better functionality and livability in their outdoor space, along with a greater sense of peace, accomplishment, and enjoyment when they are home.

Don’t hesitate to contact us or stop by our Higgins Carpet showroom to consult with our team about your outdoor flooring today.