Picking the Perfect Flooring Color in 2018

Top flooring trends and colors are always a hot topic with our customers at Higgins Carpet One Home & Floor. More than a tile store in Portland, we offer a variety of trending and trendsetting style and color selections in all types of flooring whether carpet, hardwood, vinyl or tile. Installing a new floor can be an exciting project, but it’s also something you want to be able to live with. We fully understand that—different people have different tastes, and every home is different in style and décor. We always advise our customers to select something they like and what works for their homes, not just on trend carpet and tile.

That said, trends do establish a current direction in style and décor, and if you are planning to renovate or install new flooring it’s always best to consider all the choices available. This year, 2018, hardwood floors and hardwood look-alikes are still popular and continue to trend. Many homeowners are converting their rooms throughout the house to hardwood or that hardwood look. Trendy colors? That’s another story. Picking the ‘right’ color can be a tough choice, but there are trends that can guide you in making a choice.

Dark, Cool Tones

For 2018, dark and cool tones for floors (and interiors) are in. Darker colors for flooring have been on the rise for the past several years and continue to grow. Warmer tones that blend reds, yellows, and oranges are on the out. Those reddish-brown blends with yellow undertones have given way to cooler tones such as browns, dark browns, grays, blues, greens, and the like. Grays are even more popular now over beiges for carpets and walls. Browns without the reddish or yellow undertones offer a more pure and cooler look. A light touch of gray blended with dark browns adds coolness and depth to the color. Cool tones will also work well with most wall colors.

Blend a 50-50 mix of dark walnut and ebony, or ebony with another shade of dark brown, to achieve a really dark, cool tone. These blends offer an exceptionally dark floor, short of pure black. Though buyers beware, true black floors will show every bit of dirt and dust as much as a white or light colored floors. Shades of browns that offer easier maintenance are dark walnut, antique brown, espresso, coffee brown or a blend of these.


Another feature in flooring is a whitewashed, distressed wood look. Dark flooring distressed with whitewash gives a unique and rustic look to any room, and recreates the authentic, aged appearance for your floors. That ashy white washed distressed look works exceptionally well with farmhouse and country styles, and also modern contemporary design.

Hardwood Look-Alike

Hardwood look-alike flooring is also trending and available in the same trending cooler tones. Two popular materials that have the look and feel of wood are porcelain tile and engineered vinyl planks. The number one appeal of tile and vinyl wood look-alikes is that these products are waterproof. They are ideal in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and basement where moisture and spills are frequent. The technology to replicate wood is far advanced and is near impossible to distinguish between real wood and the look of real wood. Tile and vinyl flooring come in all the darker colors with embossed grainy textures, or distressed styles. And the good news, for the most part, hardwood look-alike flooring is more affordable than hardwood flooring.

If you are looking to follow trends, for 2018, cool toned flooring colors are in and warm toned colors are out. This seems to be a trend not only for flooring but paint colors, too. As they go hand-in-hand, it should be not too surprising. Whatever trend you may follow, ultimately, the interior design of your home is a matter of preference. Finding the perfect color for your floor is just that—less a trend and more a personal touch that best suits you and fits the style and décor of your home.

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