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Custom Shower Ceramic Tile Installation Trends

Have you been feeling like yours needs an upgrade but not sure where to start? With the help of Higgins Carpet, you can easily experience the luxury of a beautiful, custom-designed shower in your very own home. Here, we cover the most popular materials and designs used in our custom stone and ceramic tile installations.

Outdoor Patios and Flooring Portland Maine

Decks and patios offer a versatile, multi-functional outdoor space that works for just about any occasion. Studies have shown that decks and patios are home improvement projects that realize a return-on-investment (ROI) for homeowners if or when the property is sold. Why wait? Read more about outdoor flooring options for 2019!

How to Replace Carpet With Tile

If you are looking for a fresh new take on your home's flooring, this is the blog for you! Pulling carpet and laying tiles will update the aesthetic of any room in the house, while also increasing the value of the home. We cover four flooring options to choose from when deciding how to replace carpet with tile.

The Perfect Flooring Color Trends for 2018

Top flooring trends and colors are always a hot topic with our customers at Higgins Carpet One Home & Floor. If you are planning to renovate or install new flooring it’s always best to consider all the choices available, which is why we put together some currently trending flooring styles for 2018.

What Is Laminate Flooring

Choosing flooring can be tough. There are so many pros and cons of each style, the choices may seem endless. If you are here, you have presumably narrowed it down to laminate flooring, which means the hard part is over! That said, you still may find yourself wondering – exactly what is laminate flooring?

Different Types of Hardwood Flooring

Whether for home or business, hardwood floors are ideal because they can adapt to any décor. As an element of interior design, there are many different types of hardwood floor and flooring available to choose from. Learn about the different types of hardwood floors available!

What Is Vinyl Flooring

At Higgins Carpet One Home & Floor, it’s no secret—vinyl flooring is making a comeback. Vinyl floors have long been known for not only their longevity but also as a budget-friendly solution to various flooring needs. With updated styles and trends, gone are the days of the dated linoleum that once adorned homes.

Higgins Carpet One Floor & Home Launches New Website

Higgins Carpet invites customers to visit their new website, which has been designed with an attractive interface and more intuitive user experience. Featuring streamlined navigation and simplified functionality throughout, the recently launched website allows users to easily access product information as well as helpful resources.

How to Install Ceramic Floor Tile

Considering changing your flooring this year, or even wondering how to install ceramic floor tile yourself? You can easily create a new look in your home with ceramic tiles. Click to continue reading!

Portland Carpet and Flooring

There’s no time like the present to catch up on 2018’s exciting home decorating trends! From floors and finishes to faucets and fixtures, the 2018 Trends Issue of Beautiful Design Made Simple has everything you need to get inspired- and it’s now easier than ever to stay on top of what’s current in home fashions.

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